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5 great Android apps for killing time

If smartphones are good for anything, it’s wasting time. Whether you’re waiting in line at the doctor’s office or avoiding an awkward situation on public transit, it’s always a good idea to have a few mind-numbing and entertaining apps loaded up on your Android device.

Check out these 5 apps that are guaranteed to cure your boredom (all of which are available on the Android Market):

  1. Jewels
    Sure, this app might be a Bejeweled knock-off, but it gets the job done — especially if you don’t want to drop the cash needed for the official Bejeweled app. And just in case you like sharing your high scores with friends, Jewels features easy Scoreloop integration.
  2. Onion News Network
    You’ll never stop laughing with this app installed on your phone, which gives you on-the-go access to all of the Onion’s gut-busting, bite-sized parody news videos.
  3. Robo Defense
    This addictive tower defense game has mastered the art of wasting time; while you’re defending your base from wave after wave of enemies, hours will fly by unnoticed.
  4. Alchemy
    The premise is super simple: You have four basic elements (fire, water, earth, and air), and your goal is to combine them and their products to create more than 200 new elements, such as wood, bacteria, chickens, and beer. That’s it. Some of the combos are easy to figure out (fire + water = steam), but the real challenge is to discover all the unlikely combinations that result in items like vampires and dinosaurs.
  5. Everlands
    If you can get past the broken English, this puzzle game is a cute and entertaining challenge. Using various woodland creatures and an Othello-like gameplay, you set out to stop an evil infection that’s turning the bees, bears, and raccoons against each other.

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