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Access your music anywhere, anytime with Rdio

Would you be willing to pay a monthly fee to have access to your favorite music wherever you are?

The creators of Kazaa and Skype are betting that you are. A new cloud-based music service called Rdio (pronounced “AR-dee-o”) gives subscribers unlimited access to their music from virtually anywhere — desktops, cell phones, even offline (by syncing songs to your cell phone).

It’s not like iTunes or Amazon MP3, where you download music and pay per song/album; rather, you pay a monthly fee to have unlimited access to Rdio’s entire online music library by streaming it to your computer or syncing it to your phone.

The service also introduces social features into the mix by suggesting new music for you based on others’ listening habits. You can even “follow” users (similar to Twitter or Tumblr) and see what they’re listening to.

Rdio is only the latest service to come along asking users to pay a monthly fee for music; Napster’s been doing it for years, and there are rumors that Apple is planning its own cloud-based music service to complement its hugely popular iTunes platform.

It would seem that subscription music services are here to stay, and Rdio makes the idea more appealing than anyone else ever has.

Check out Rdio and start enjoying the freedom of subscription music.


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