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3 top coffee table books of 2010

Ebooks are the rage, but guess what? There’s nothing like a well-designed art or design book, especially as a gift. Traditional books are special—more special than ever—and these three make terrific gifts.

  1. Art of McSweeney’s
    Mind-blowing art, graphic design and wonderfully quirky goodness from the creators of the literary journal McSweeney’s.
  2. And the Pursuit of Happiness
    And the Pursuit of Happiness
    is Maira Kalman’s exploration of democracy, inspired by the 2008 elections and a tour of the country.
  3. Take Ivy
    This one is actually a blast from the past. Described by The New York Times as, “a treasure of fashion insiders,” Take Ivy was originally published in Japan in 1965, setting off an explosion of American-influenced “Ivy Style” fashion. Now it’s almost like a preppie bible.

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