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You’ll soon be able to borrow Kindle books from your local library

Amazon announced today a new Kindle feature, launching later this year, that will allow libraries to lend out copies of Kindle ebooks to patrons.

You’ve actually been able to borrow ebooks from libraries for some time now — but not for the Kindle, which uses its own proprietary ebook format — so this is good news for the millions of Kindle users who have previously had to purchase all of their ebooks through the Kindle Store.

A key feature of the Kindle Library Lending program is the ability to add notes to the books. The next person who checks out that ebook won’t see your notes, but if you check it out again, all of your notes and annotations will still be there for you. Pretty neat. And, of course, the books available for checkout will work with Kindle apps for your iPhone, Android, or tablet, as well as on any generation of Kindle device.

Click here for the full press release.

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