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You remember your grade-school teachers always telling you to express yourself, right? Well, even if it’s a little late, Tumblelogs on Tumblr are the self-proclaimed “easiest way to express yourself.” Tumblelogs are basically free blogs that combine the video-blog, the photo-blog, the music-blog, and the blog-blog with virtually endless templates to inspire you to proclaim your individualism, and to do it with ease and style. “Getting started takes less than 10 seconds,” the Tumblr gurus tell you, and they’ve pretty much got that right. Looking for inspiration from a public figure to help you churn that butter in your brain? Tumblelogs, it turns out, have quotes in excess, all over the place, from Camus to Coco Chanel. Remember that thing Junot Diaz said at that reading you went to? Sign up and post it; plant it on the consciousness of thousands of web-surfers. Before signing up, though, I recommend just clicking the “Explore” button on the homepage, and spending endless hours navigating the endless Tumblelogs available. Because you never know what you’ll find.

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