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Macworld: 12 best stylus options for touch-screen art

Touch-screen art, typically created with the iPhone or the iPad, is everywhere these days, from gallery shows to the cover of the New Yorker magazine. David Hockney, the esteemed artist, is infatuated with the iPad, producing wonderful paintings with the device. And while your finger does just fine, much of the tine, on these touch-screen interfaces, you may want to think about using a stylus instead.

Macworld provides a handy comparison of a variety of styluses, and gives them star ratings. What gets the top ratings? Macworld gave 4.5 stars to the Wacom Bamboo Stylus (“perfectly balanced—and I do mean perfectly—in your hand, with just the right amount of weight distributed along the metal-framed body”) and the SGP Kuel H10 (“small, thin, and you can easily see what you’re tapping”).

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