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5 reasons you need to start using Google+

Google+ is everywhere. The mainstream media, the blogosphere, Twitter, and elsewhere. And even though it’s gotten some rave reviews, you may be wondering: “I don’t need another social network, do I?”

Yes, you do, at least according to author Chris Brogan, who’s got a list of 10 things marketers need to know about Google+.

And so, if his post is about ten, why does our headline say five? Well, because you can just read the first five and forget the rest.

Here’s one important reason why Google+ matters, according to Brogan:

Google+ evolves from Gmail. No matter what the kiddies say, email is still the digital communications backbone of the modern world. SMS might feel like second place, but it’s a distant second. Google+ is very tied to Gmail, with hundreds of millions of users. It feels very natural as an extension in a way that Twitter and Facebook do not.


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