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Apple TV vs. Roku: Angry Birds flies into the fight

What’s a better choice for a set-top box to stream movies, the Roku box or Apple TV? That’s a tough call, but maybe Angry Birds, now available for Roku, will help consumers decide. According to an article at PC World, “Roku is using the gaming capabilities as a way to differentiate itself in the set-top market, where it is facing a stiff challenge from Apple TV, which retails for $99, but lacks the broad streaming capabilities and the gaming functionality that the Roku 2 will provide.”

PCWorld seems to think Roku has some advantages:

Roku also beats Apple TV in terms of size. While Apple’s new set-top box is pretty small, the new Roku is even more minuscule: it measures in at 3 inches wide and about an inch high. As before, Roku will maintain three different models. The entry level HD will retail for $59 and support 720p HD video. Stepping up to the XD at $79 will gain 1080p video, and enhanced 1080p playback support and Dolby 5.1 surround sound for Netflix videos.

Read more at PCWorld.

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