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CNN: 50 new and cool tech tools

Keepsy photo bookCNN’s got a somewhat random list of technology tools. What’s the point of the list? No point, really, other than to direct you to a hodge-podge of social media websites, mobile apps, and the like. “Technology can make your life easier, but figuring out which tech tools to trust can be tiresome at the least and eye-poppingly stressful at worst,” CNN says. The solution? A list of “50 recently released or updated websites and apps that will make your mobile photos look better, improve your online social life and boost your productivity.”

Here are three interesting picks from the list:

  1. Tout (free): “Virtually no one had heard of this micro-video service until Shaquille O’Neal used it to recently announce his retirement from pro basketball. After garnering more half a million views in three hours, Tout had arrived with a splash, thanks to the larger-than-life hoops superstar. Capture 15-second videos and instantly share with family and friends. Downside: A Flash player is required to watch videos (sorry, iPad users).”
  2. Keepsy ($29.99): “Not able to view, print and share your Instagram portfolio? Not a problem with Keepsy: customize and order photo albums.”
  3. Shortmail (free): “The Twitter effect. This app doesn’t limit your emails to famous 140 characters. Instead, it forces brevity and concise thoughts via 500 characters. Let’s face it, who isn’t drowning in e-mail overload these days? It’s unclear whether Shortmail will catch on … but we can all dream, right?”

Read more at CNN.

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