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Report lists the top-rated e-book readers and tablets

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When it comes to tablets and e-readers, many people think there’s just Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle. Is that the case?

Not any longer.

According to Consumer Reports, “The iPad and Kindle still have high scores, and far more apps exist for the iPad than for its competitors. But some challengers match or even beat those market leaders on performance, price, size, and weight.”

One product showing a lot of promise is the Galaxy Tab:

The Galaxy Tab 10.1, a new 10-inch tablet from Samsung, almost matches the iPad and iPad 2 in screen quality. It’s slightly lighter than the iPad 2, and like all Android-based tablets, it supports the Flash videos used by many websites.

Then there’s the new version of Barnes & Noble’s Nook e-book reader, the Simple Touch, and a few other similar devices. The products, “sometimes dubbed ‘tablet readers,’ offer a promising combination of tablet and e-reader traits,” according to the report. “Those hybrids place a heavy focus on reading but add some tabletlike features, notably a color screen and access to a selection of apps.”

Read more at Consumer Reports.


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