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7 alternatives to Netflix

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Plenty of people are unhappy with Netflix, which split its DVD service from its streaming video service—and then reversed the decision. Confused by what Netflix is doing? Join the crowd.

But there are alternatives. Here are seven of them.

  1. Amazon Prime provides access to thousands of streaming videos for a $79/year fee (and you get free 48-hour shipping t0o).
  2. Redbox rentals kiosks are everywhere.
  3. Blockbuster is now something like a Netflix clone, with mail-in rentals, store rentals, and an on-demand service.
  4. Hulu Plus is amazing for streaming TV, although there are commercials.
  5. A Roku box lets you tap into a variety of services for watching on-demand TV shows and movies.
  6. iTunes and Apple TV let you buy or rent lots of entertainment.
  7. Vudu offers a lots of choices for watching movies online.

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