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3 excellent external keyboards for Android

KeyboardAndroids phones are essentially small computers that fit in your pocket. These gadgets are also affordable, portable, and very convenient. But there’s one disadvantage. Because of the limited size, it can be difficult to do heavy typing. Thankfully, one of the most effective solutions can be found with the external keyboard. Here are the top external keyboards that can be used for Android phones:

1. Motorola Wireless Keyboard The Motorola wireless keyboard stands out among most other wireless keyboards because of its sleek and slim design. While it may be bigger than most Android keyboards in the market, it makes up for it in usage and durability. Most portable devices only have five lines of keys, while this keyboard features six lines, making it a very versatile device for simultaneously typing and using other features in your phone. The keyboard is powered by AA batteries. PC World scores this gadget with a decent 3.5/5 stars.

2. Apple Wireless Keyboard The Apple Wireless keyboard wouldn’t come to mind when most people think of Android keyboards, but this device works surprisingly well with Android. Another plus is this device’s convenience. It is designed in the typical clean white and silver colors of most Apple products, and works well on most surfaces. The Verge gave this device a favorable score of 8.7 among wireless keyboards.

3. Logitech Keyboard for Android 3.0+ It would be hard to find any other device that can top the wireless Logitech Keyboard. This device comes with its own case that you can use to protect the keyboard and keep it clean when not in use. The sleek hard case also serves as a stand wherein you can prop up your Android phone while using the keyboard. The lightweight keyboard itself is worth mentioning, as it features several double function buttons and media buttons for apps. Most reviewers praise this device for Android use.

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