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6 great accessories for the iPad mini

iCade Cabinet - 25 Cents

iCade Cabinet – 25 Cents (Photo credit: Rob Boudon)

You’ve got your iPad mini, Apple’s smaller and much more affordable version of the iPad. But what about gizmos to go along with it? With the cash you saved from purchasing the mini, you can now splurge on accessories.

Here are 6 great accessories for the iPad Mini:

1. iPad Smart Cover
The iPad Smart Cover is considered one of the best “soft covers” for the iPad and the iPad mini. The smart cover uses built-in magnets inside the iPad to cling to the screen. But these magnets also make it possible to wake up the iPad once you lift the cover, and enable sleep mode once you close it over the screen. The cover has three folds, which also allows the user to fold the cover behind the device and use it as a stand when typing, watching, or reading. The website iSource calls the iPad mini smart cover “thin, light, and simple.”

2. Wacom Bamboo Stylus
While the touch screens of Apple’s tablets are better than any other in the market, there are still instances when users will want to use a device instead of their fingers. There are a lot of devices to choose from, but the Wacom Bamboo Stylus is considered to be among the best. It is a welcome gift for iPad users who have a lot of artistic and creative applications that require drawing and the use of a stylus. According to The Verge, the Wacom Bamboo Stylus is “the best stylus you can buy for your iPad.”

3. Logitech External Keyboard
For most users of the iPad mini, typing isn’t one of the major concerns. However, the smaller screen does make it harder for people to tweet, update a status, or send an email. One useful solution? An external keyboard, and this one from Logitech fits the bill. According to CNET, the Logitech external keyboard is a “must-have accessory that makes typing easier and faster.” This keyboard can be connected via Bluetooth, and it is housed in a sleek hard case that can also be conveniently used as a stand for the iPad mini.

4. Apple EarPods
For quality sound at an affordable rate, Apple’s new EarPods are the great for accompanying your iPad mini. These ear buds are a vast improvement from the usual Apple buds. calls them “the better-fitting, better-sounding ear buds” that Apple products should have had all along.

5. Jawbone Jambox
This device may be on the expensive side of accessories for the iPad mini, but you will definitely get more bang for your buck with the Jawbone Jambox. Aside from being one of the most efficient and portable external speakers (it connects via Bluetooth), it also produces amazing sound quality. Its stylish design also makes it very popular with most consumers. Cult of Mac calls this device “the original, and still the best little Bluetooth speaker” in the market.

6. Ion iCade
The Ion iCade is one of the most innovative and fun iPad accessories. This novelty item connects your tablet to retro-style Atari controls and props up your iPad to form a vintage video game arcade cabinet. Although this device only works well with Atari games and apps, it is still one of the most entertaining and amusing accessories out there. While the iCade was built for the iPad, it uses Bluetooth to connect to the device, making it compatible with the iPad mini. CNET calls the “Ion iCade a fun nostalgic trip,” and that’s exactly what this device offers for gamers who remember the ancient days of coin operated arcades.

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