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Wild Child: and Other Stories

“Wild Child”

T.C. Boyle takes us on a crazy ride of literature in “Wild Child,” spitting out a collection of stories and characters that are thoroughly unique.

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Upgraded to Serious (Lannan Literary Selections)

“Upgraded to Serious”

Heather McHugh’s book of poems, “Upgraded to Serious,” is a clever social commentary on the world today through ones of the oldest forms of literature.

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Drift: Stories


“Drift” forces us headfirst into the minds of various people whose lives are as stable as the waves crashing into the California coast.

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Eight White Nights: A Novel

“Eight White Nights”

Guy and girl meet. Guy and girl fall in love. It’s a familiar story, made unique by the Proustian prose of Andre Aciman’s novel “Eight White Nights.”

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Dani Shapiro seeks the wisdom of a yogi, a Buddhist, and a rabbi to help answer life’s ambiguous questions about faith and spirituality.

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Raymond Carver: A Writer’s Life

“Raymond Carver”

“Raymond Carver” follows the short story writer’s turbulent life, from the vices that caused his downfall to the people who contributed to his authorial success.

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Strength in What Remains

“Strength in What Remains”

“Strength in What Remains” is an inspirational tale of a civil war escapee who, although haunted by the atrocities he witnessed, survives and surpasses the odds.

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True Compass: A Memoir

“True Compass”

Published less than a month after his death, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s memoir, “True Compass” pays homage to the family and political life he loved.

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Dancing in the Dark: A Cultural History of the Great Depression

“Dancing in the Dark”

Author Morris Dickstein gleans positive creative outcomes from the Great Depression in his book, “Dancing in the Dark: A Cultural History of the Great Depression.”

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Dave Cullen digs deep to comprehend the Columbine school shooting. “Columbine” paints a true portrait of the killers and the news media that shaped them.

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