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The Paris Review launches blog

The Paris Review, one of the leading literary magazines in the world, has launched a brand new blog, thanks to the efforts of editor Lorin Stein.

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Sony exec predicts e-books will dominate print

It’s a somewhat scary thought. In five years, digital media may just overtake print. Steve Haber, president of Sony’s digital reading business division, is convinced that the e-book market has gained so much momentum in the last few years that it is now unstoppable.

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E-books, the iPad, and a new era for self-publishing

Writers used to query literary agents and send books to traditional publishers in the hopes of making a name for themselves in the literary world.

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Celebrating National Audiobook Month with David Sedaris

June is a month of much celebration. In support of National Audiobook Month, who better to lend a hand than the witty and hilarious David Sedaris who (appropriately) recorded two clips on behalf of the understated glory of audiobooks.

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Big World

“Big World”

“Big World” is riddled with female characters who teeter dangerously on the threshold of disaster, making this collection a disturbingly honest look into the feminine psyche.

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Shanghai Girls: A Novel

“Shanghai Girls”

A tale of two sisters, Lisa See’s “Shanghai Girls” weaves an intimate, eventful plot into the fabric of China’s recent history.

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Chronic City: A Novel

“Chronic City”

Jonathan Lethem pens a hilarious cultural satire that captures, with brilliance and wit, the essence of New York.

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The Glass Room. Simon Mawer

“The Glass Room”

“The Glass Room” traces the history of a home and how it survives the ruin and chaos of dissolved families, wartime possession, and new inhabitants.

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Dear Husband,: Stories

“Dear Husband”

The 14 stories in Joyce Carol Oates’ “Dear Husband” tackle the suffocating and sometimes fatal nature of family ties.

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My Father’s Tears and Other Stories

“My Father’s Tears and Other Stories”

John Updike’s final collection of short stories offers an unflinching look at isolation and the insignificance of human affairs.

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