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Tweet this: the celebrity Twitter war

Twitter might have started off as a niche network for techies and social media early adopters, but now the most famous people in the world have hopped on the 140-character bandwagon and are vying to have the most followers.

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On Twitter: Britney Spears

The pop princess broke records this year by becoming the first person on Twitter to reach 5 million followers.

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On Twitter: John Mayer

Whether he’s tweeting about his new music or rambling about modern life, John Mayer makes sure Twitter is never boring.

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On Twitter: Ashton Kutcher

When he’s not busy starring in movies or shooting camera commercials, Ashton Kutcher is on Twitter. He was the first twitterer to reach one million followers.

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“Paris Hilton in Jail”

Paris Hilton’s infamous stint in jail inspires a music video played to the socialite’s hit single, “Stars Are Blind.”

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“Anna Wintour on ‘Letterman'”

Trick question. Is Anna Wintour an ice queen, the sun king, or an alien fleeing District 9? According to the Vogue editor-in-chief, she is all of the above.

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“Sandra Lee Seizure”

If you’ve ever watched Sandra Lee on Food Network, you’ll recognize her extremely limited vocabulary, assembled here in a handy montage.

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“Leave Britney Alone!”

Who would have guessed that a crossdressing Britney Spears fan could get 26 million views for his teary rant against Britney haters?

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Entertainment Weekly

A leading source for entertainment news, meaning, well, whatever entertains you, from music to movies to celebrity gossip.

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