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On Twitter: John Mayer

Sometimes Twitter is useful, and sometimes it’s simply entertaining. Following musician John Mayer is certainly entertaining most of the time and perplexing the rest of the time, as Mayer’s quirky tweets give 21st century insight into all of his random thoughts. But at least his tweets aren’t mundane. Instead of a minute-by-minute breakdown of his day, Mayer gives his fans a unique perspective of what it’s like to be a celebrity, artist and just plain human being in today’s world. At the same time, you can’t but wonder if Mayer would even have nearly one million followers if it weren’t for his most famous romantic link. Since it’s difficult to score an interview — much less the straight truth about his personal life — with Mayer, entertainment media have been quick to cite his tweets, rather than his publicist, for information about his relationship with Jennifer Aniston, though Mayer rarely (if ever) makes any explicit references to his relationship status. It turns out privacy is still at least a little bit possible in the digital world.

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