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Trade Gmail’s ads for detailed information on your contacts

How often do you check out the ads on the right-hand side of your Gmail window? I’m guessing never.

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The Tyranny of E-mail: The Four-Thousand-Year Journey to Your Inbox

“The Tyranny of Email”

We’re obsessed with email, and John Freeman tackles this obsession in a thought-provoking work of social commentary.

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Top 10 email mishaps of recent months

As a sort of fun, Halloweentime story, Proofpoint has rounded up a bunch of email horror stories.

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“Girl Forgets Boyfriend is on Vacation”

For some reason, it never gets old to read other people’s angry letters and e-mails that they assume will stay private.

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5 tools to end your love-hate relationship with email

If you’re like most people, you have something of a love-hate relationship with email.

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Email lists can be quick, effective ways to get your message out, and Topica provides the tools to create and manage lists.

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