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Trade Gmail’s ads for detailed information on your contacts

How often do you check out the ads on the right-hand side of your Gmail window? I’m guessing never.

A new browser extension called Rapportive finally gives you a reason to look over there, replacing that dead space with detailed information on whoever you’re emailing, including an avatar, recent tweets, and even current LinkedIn employment information.

Not only is it nice to see who you’re talking to, but Rapportive makes it amazingly simple to take your online communication to the next level. With all the necessary who, what, when, where, and why details on your contacts, it’s a breeze to custom-tailor your messages to that individual.

Rapportive works as an add-on for Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, so all you have to do is install it and voila! You’ve got all the context-sensitive profiles you could need.

Find out more about Rapportive.

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