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A Gate at the Stairs

“A Gate at the Stairs”

The compelling Tassie Keltjin comes of age in Lorrie Moore’s long-awaited novel, “A Gate at the Stairs.”

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The Glass Room. Simon Mawer

“The Glass Room”

“The Glass Room” traces the history of a home and how it survives the ruin and chaos of dissolved families, wartime possession, and new inhabitants.

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Shadow Tag: A Novel

“Shadow Tag”

The complexities of love and hatred, truth and fiction, are managed with exquisite skill in “Shadow Tag” by Louise Erdrich.

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Big Machine: A Novel

“Big Machine”

Far-fetched yet poignant, “Big Machine” is an epic combination of crazy characters and loopy plotlines that will have readers laughing.

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“The Interrogative Mood”

All questions, no answers: Every sentence in “The Interrogative Mood” ends with a question mark, yet the effect is mysteriously satisfying.

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Written as a series of e-mails, “e2” draws readers into the world of an ad agency—and the workings of the Worldwide Web.

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“Model Home”

In “Model Home,” Eric Puchner’s debut novel, a suburban family faces the inevitable reality of the American dream.

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Unfinished Desires: A Novel

“Unfinished Desires”

Sharply written and laced with the complexities of female power, “Unfinished Desires” transports the reader through a hundred years at a Catholic school in North Carolina.

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Some Things Meant the World to Me

“Some Things Meant the World to Me”

Struggles, past and present, are equally viable in Joshua Mohr’s blunt, fearless first novel “Some Things Meant the World to Me.”

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The Ask: A Novel

“The Ask”

With a brand of satire rarely found in American literature, Sam Lipsyte serves his audience “The Ask,” a bundle of rank truths, no cherry.

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