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50 best classic toys of all time

You don’t need to buy your kid an iPod touch. Or a Wii. Or any of the other gadgets competing for your child’s attention. If you really want your kids to use their imaginations, think about buying a classic toy as a gift.

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5 tech gifts under $100

You don’t need to spend a boatload of money to give a techno-gadget this year (or any year). In fact, you can spend less than $100. CNET has an excellent guide to technology gifts under $100.

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4 feature-packed HDTVs

Looking for an HDTV? Well, has picked four of the best.

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PCMag is known for its detailed reviews, and now the magazine is giving readers a chance to decide what’s the best among the latest in popular techno-gadgets: tablets and ebook readers.

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3 stylish and sturdy back-to-school backpacks

Here’s what Consumer Search says about three backpacks suitable for college students, high schoolers, and others.

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Consumer Reports: 12 best back-to-school laptops, netbooks, and tablets for college students

What are the best laptops, netbooks, and tablet computers for college students? Consumer Reports took a look and evaluated the best of them.

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3 hot mobile products at the top of users’ wish lists

Some devices everyone wants, or so it seems, and eWEEK has a report on some of the latest (and hottest) mobile products.

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Report lists the top-rated e-book readers and tablets

When it comes to tablets and e-readers, many people think there’s just Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle. Is that the case? Not any longer.

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Choosing a tablet or e-reader: 5 tips from Consumer Reports

Looking for an e-reader or a tablet, like the iPad, the Kindle, or the Galaxy Tab? Here’s some expert advice.

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Consumer Reports picks top 3 digital cameras for kids

Consumer Reports has an excellent report with information on the top digital cameras for kids.

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