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The popular webcomic mixes romance and geek culture for the perfect blend of Digg-worthy comedy.

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Toothpaste For Dinner

There’s nothing wrong with laughing at the misery and idiocy of other people, especially if they’re hand-drawn cartoon characters.

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Married To The Sea

Retro graphics combine with modern cultural references and a dry sense of humor to make a uniquely funny webcomic.

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Cyanide and Happiness

It may look like a child drew it, but no touchy subject is off-limits in this colorful comic that’s an equal-opportunity offender.

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Hilarious and awesome: The 21 best webcomics

When future generations look back on life at the beginning of the 21st century, I hope they judge us on our webcomics.

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3 webcomics with fierce female heroes

Enter the women of webcomics. These women are strong, sexy, and sassy. Even in 2-D form, these animated females are over-the-top and under-the-radar.

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