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Toothpaste For Dinner

Toothpaste for Dinner is the original webcomic from Drew, one part of the brilliant husband-and-wife duo behind webcomics Married to the Sea, Natalie Dee and Superpoop (yes, you read that right). The hand-drawn comic regularly utilizes schadenfreude, disillusionment and workplace humor for a brand of humor that is hilariously – and sometimes confusingly – laugh-out-loud funny. A cartoon character with lopsided eyes who operates the world’s largest USPS fan fiction archive would normally just be weird, but Toothpaste For Dinner makes it funny somehow. Drew’s irregular, amateur, childlike drawing style helps the comedy, crafting black-and-white blob-like characters with blank, lopsided stares that evoke a dry, deadpan wit. Toothpaste For Dinner also features its fair share of geek humor involving computers and the Internet, so you’re guaranteed to ROFL at least a little bit if that’s your cup of tea. A selection of Toothpaste For Dinner comics was recently compiled into a book.


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