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Chromebook choices abound: 3 top picks for kids

Chromebooks have become the computer-of-choice for many kids, for a number of reasons. They’re relatively inexpensive. They’re lightweight. And they’re easy to maintain, given that the software is updated automatically, via the cloud, with Google’s Chrome OS software.

There’s another reason, too: They’re rather reasonably priced.

If you’re in the market for a Chromebook, here are three top choices:

  • Toshiba Chromebook: This Chromebook sports 9-hour battery life and a 13.3-inch screen, for $269.
  • Dell Chromebook 11: Excellent battery life in a lightweight package, with the reliability of Dell, for $279.99.
  • Acer Chromebook: This is a bestseller, and no wonder. It’s just $169.99.



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