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5Twitter Lingo: Fail Whale

When you are unable to connect to Twitter, an image of a whale appears instead, and it has earned his own name among the faithful Twitter crowd.

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17Twitter Lingo: Tweeple

Your followers are important to your Twitter reputation, so of course there’s a special affectionate term for the group as a whole.

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27Twitter Lingo: Tweet

If you want to be Twitter-smart, you need to know the correct way to describe the action of posting an update.

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45Twitter Lingo: FollowFriday

Don’t have a clue about who you should be following? Tune in to others’ recommendations during this weekly Twitter meme.

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52Twitter Lingo: Friend

Thought you were friends with Ashton Kutcher and Barack Obama? Think again. On Twitter, as in real life, friendship is a two-way street.

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67Twitter Lingo: Follow

Following other users is one of the most essential functions of Twitter, along with the equally important posting of updates.

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79Twitter Lingo: Twitterer

If you’re using Twitter, you’re not just another Web user — there’s a special word just for you.

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82Twitter Lingo: Twitter timeline

Like a blog, only shorter, Twitter displays all your tweets in a logical order in one place so they’re easy to find.

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