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Almost 20 years of Web100

Well, it’s been fun. Really. Web100 was created in another era, before Google, before Facebook, before iPhones and iPads (even before the iPod)—a time when the web was a mysterious, confusing place to a lot of people. The mission was simple: rate and review the best websites. What was the top travel site? The best spot for stock trading? For weather reports? We’d tell you, and we’d do it with pithy, amusing reviews.

That was then. This is now.

And now, well, the idea of a list of top 100 websites is sort of quaint. I’ll probably write more about this shift over at, but for now I thought it would make sense to note here what’s apparent, which is that Web100 isn’t being updated and will serve, for now at least, as a semi-useful resource and a quasi-historical snapshot of the online world.

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