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Customized chocolate bars? Yippee

Generally speaking, there are very few things that can do the trick better than a piece of chocolate.

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Random trivia: real names of fictitious characters

Have you ever found yourself eating a bowl of Cap’n Crunch, staring at the box and wondering what the captain’s real name was?

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The 99 Cent Chef

This playful and inventive cooking blog teaches you how to live high on the hog without mincing your now-tender budget.

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Offering delectable scanned images of sandwiches, Scanwiches is a site designed to feed both your mind and your stomach.

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On Twitter: John Mayer

Whether he’s tweeting about his new music or rambling about modern life, John Mayer makes sure Twitter is never boring.

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On Twitter: Ashton Kutcher

When he’s not busy starring in movies or shooting camera commercials, Ashton Kutcher is on Twitter. He was the first twitterer to reach one million followers.

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A popular and easy-to-use photo-sharing tool that offers a wide selection of features and near-seamless integration with Twitter.

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“Sell the Vatican, Feed the World”

Sarah Silverman, known for her controversial brand of humor, brings us her innovative — and hilarious — plan to end world hunger

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