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The Books 100 list was written in 2009 and 2010. It is not currently being updated.

10“The Tyranny of Email”

We’re obsessed with email, and John Freeman tackles this obsession in a thought-provoking work of social commentary.

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15“You Are Not a Gadget”

Jaron Lanier pushes for more power to the people in his commentary on the present state of the Internet, “You Are Not a Gadget.”

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22“Manufacturing Depression”

Depression: a frame of mind or a sales tactic? “Manufacturing Depression” exposes the pharmaceutical industry’s role in developing depression as we know it.

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74“In Cheap We Trust”

Lauren Weber challenges the guilt-free spending that many Americans have come to take for granted.

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82“Green Metropolis”

In “Green Metropolis,” David Owen argues that New York City is not only the greatest place to live in America—it’s also the greenest.

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85“A Bomb in Every Issue”

Peter Richardson’s “A Bomb in Every Issue” examines the legacy of a magazine that made history with its risky and controversial journalism.

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100“Reality Hunger”

From sitcoms to reality shows, from novels to memoirs: Reality takes center stage in “Reality Hunger,” David Shields’s self-proclaimed manifesto.

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