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CNN: 50 new and cool tech tools

CNN’s got a somewhat random list of technology tools. What’s the point of the list? No point, really, other than to direct you to a hodge-podge of social media websites, mobile apps, and the like.

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I’mWatch: A wristwatch that connects to your smartphone

Your wrist might be the last place you’d expect to see Google’s Android operating system, but a new Android-based, super-connected wristwatch called I’mWatch is pretty genius, when you think about it.

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Linguists declare “app” Word of the Year for 2010

It looks like 2010 was the year of the app. The American Dialect Society elected the word “app” as the 2010 Word of Year recently because it “best sums up the country’s preoccupation last year.”

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No time to deliver? Try these last-minute gift ideas

Delivery of gifts is fast these days, but sometimes you miss the deadline. Then what do you do?

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Macworld awards highlight awesome software and gadgets

It’s no surprise that that the 26th Editors’ Choice awards from Macworld would include the MacBook Air and other Macintosh products, but the list also includes a number of gadgets and technology not made by Apple.

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Explaining the ideas behind the “Internet of Things”

You never know whether it’s worth paying attention to the latest buzzphrase or not. Will it be around five years from now? Or will it fade away?

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Google vs. Apple: 10 battles

Remember IBM vs. Microsoft? And Apple vs. Microsoft? And Microsoft vs. Everyone? Well, the latest mega-fight is between Google and Apple, or so it seems.

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Looking for tech experts and commentators to follow on Twitter?

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On Twitter: TechCrunch

Keeping up-to-date with the latest tech and web news is a breeze when you’re following the experts at TechCrunch.

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A must-have organizer for serious twitterers that allows users to stay up to date with new tweets and Facebook updates, as well as create customized lists.

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Web100 is the Internet, organized.