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3“The Known Universe”

From the American Museum of Natural History, a tour of the universe, from the Himalayas to the afterglow of the Big Bang. Wow!

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Patrick Jean’s short film, shot on location in New York, depicts the invasion of New York City by 8-bit creatures. Strange and wonderful.

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18“Twouble with Twitters”

This animated video from Current TV takes on Twitter and pokes fun at the seemingly pointless nature of the popular social site.

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21“The Star Wars Kid”

It’s painfully funny to watch, but it embodies what often makes a video viral: Finding humor and/or entertainment at the sake of others.

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26“Pregnant Robot Trains Students”

Is it possible for a robot to get pregnant? Perhaps. In this video, a pregnant robot is used to train medical students in childbirth.

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45“How to solve a Rubik’s Cube”

Want to impress someone? Learn how to solve the greatest puzzle of all time: the Rubik’s Cube.

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52“Chad Vader”

For reasons that are difficult to explain, there’s just something hilarious about Darth Vader living an ordinary life as a day manager.

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72“Super Michael Jackson Bros.”

Find out what would happen if Michael Jackson got himself stuck in the “Super Mario Bros.” video game.

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98Google Street View Hyperlapse

Take a road trip, courtesy of Google Street View. You can even learn how to make your own hyperlapse videos (a form of time-lapse photography) with the help of Google images.

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