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The Books 100 list was written in 2009 and 2010. It is not currently being updated.

4“Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned”

Wells Tower delves into the lives of fathers, sons, brothers, and ex-husbands struggling to love and survive in the depths of Wild America.

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6“In Other Rooms, Other Wonders”

Short story collection “In Other Rooms, Other Wonders” puts the triumphs and tragedies of Pakistani life on center stage

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8“Love and Obstacles”

In his collection of short stories “Love and Obstacles,” Aleksander Hemon renders lost youth and an extinct Sarajevo without oppressive nostalgia.

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14“Where the Love God Hangs Out”

“Where the God of Love Hangs Out” dishes out love and repercussions in Amy Bloom’s candid collection of short stories.

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24“Wild Child”

T.C. Boyle takes us on a crazy ride of literature in “Wild Child,” spitting out a collection of stories and characters that are thoroughly unique.

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29“Both Ways Is the Only Way I Want It”

“Both Ways is the Only Way I Want It” approaches the difficulties of human relations in the controlled voice of Maile Meloy.

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36“William Trevor: Selected Stories”

William Trevor’s stories have been admired for years, and now they’re collected in one volume, Selected Stories (Penguin Group, 2010).

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44“Dangerous Laughter”

“Dangerous Laughter” (Knopf, 2008) is a stunningly original work of fiction touching on the nature of reality—and the illusion of storytelling.

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48“How It Ended”

“How It Ended” brings together three decades of short stories, representing the breadth of Jay McInerney’s career.

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50“My Father’s Tears and Other Stories”

John Updike’s final collection of short stories offers an unflinching look at isolation and the insignificance of human affairs.

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