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Unzip your cat’s skin, make a frog out of metal: just two things you can do with this fun photo editor.

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Multiple image editing at your fingertips. With no payments or downloads required, all you need is a little free time.

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Believe it or not, you may not need Photoshop. Enhance, filter, and crop your photos for free with a simple Flash-based photo editing site.

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Show off those pics: FotoFlexer lets you edit and add effects to photographs online, with no cost or downloads.

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Photoshop: Not just a noun anymore, it’s a way of life. Get on the Photoshop train and Photoshop to your heart’s content with the program’s online counterpart.

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Edit photographs online in this browser application. Snipshot requires no downloads, so take that snapshot and start snipping.

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Digital photos re-envisioned in just a few clicks. Free of charge and easy to use, this image editor is high on innovation and low on stress.

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