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2Boing Boing

Looking for a website that brings you a little bit of everything, is a little unpredictable and always fun? Check out Boing Boing.

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People from around the world send in their confessions and secrets anonymously on postcards.

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13Stuff White People Like

A snarky and stereotypical look at the culture of white people. Best read while listening to NPR in your Toyota Prius.

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Cut through the indie music clutter with this thoughtfully curated blog offering exclusive session tracks and a laundry list of soon-to-be faves from emerging talents.

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43This is why you’re fat

Grab some Tums and get ready to feast your eyes on nasty (yet delicious?) foods that will go straight to your hips.

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Take control and organize your life with this blog.

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76Vintage Vending

A blog about some of the most iconic forms of American memorabilia, advertising, soda shops and more. Come reminisce.

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