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Some online stores don’t really connect to their “real-world” versions in a way that’s useful to you. That’s not the case with Staples, where the online store is a hyper-friendly, extremely useful version of its brick-and-mortar counterpart. At Staples, there’s a seamless transition between the website and the store. Put it this way: You can print Staples’ weekly ad to make sure you’re getting this week’s hottest deals. You already know Staples is, well, a “staple” when it comes to your office supplies. With the online store, you’ll get free delivery when you purchase at least $50 worth of goods—a cinch, as Staples is the best place for inks, toners, executive chairs, calculators, fax machines, and lots of other tools for office workers and the freelance crowd.

Visit Staples.

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