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Japan is a gadget-lovers paradise—a nation addicted to stylish watches, cellphones, and more. Way before the latest and greatest electro-gear makes it to the U.S. (or, at least, to the big-box electronics stores), finds it for you and makes it available for your purchasing pleasure. Consider the Segatoys Dream Chick: This battery-powered robotic bundle of yellowy cuteness will flap its wings when held in your palm, then emit happy little chirps when you pet its back. But isn’t just about adorable yellow robots. Electronics junkies of all stripes will find marvels of all sorts. From waterproof iPod speakers to a watch resembling a retro phone, you will be able to track down products unlike anything you’ll find at the standard store. Even if you don’t buy anything, you’ll likely be wowed by the inventive (or just plain kooky) Japanese products.


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