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“This holiday season, give the gift of memories.” Remember that photo you saw of Grandpa in the Navy, when he was such a young man? Well, don’t steal it, but you’re hereby encouraged to send that photo in, along with many more, to ScanCafe. They’ll scan the photos for you and put it on a CD, preserving the memory of a handsome face forever, for the whole family to enjoy. It’s a simple process, but it can mean a whole lot. There’s a price list of services on the site, as well as explanations of the processes, from shipping to scanning slides or photos. There’s even biographies of the team that put this little idea together, and kept the memories of thousands of families alive. When Grandpa opens his birthday present this year, he’ll be expecting the wool socks he always gets, but you’ll surprise him with something much more meaningful.

Visit ScanCafe.


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