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If you’re thinking right now, “How do I get a picture of our new baby on a mug and send it to Grandma, while keeping the actual photo for us to have on our computer,” then you’re in luck. At Snapfish, you can do all that—store a photo, order a print, or put the picture on a mug or photo album and send it Grandma’s way. You can share the photos you upload with your family online, pleasing everyone with the images of your new baby—or your trip to Hawaii, your kid’s birthday, or maybe just snapshots from the holidays. Snapfish is easy to use, which means it’s easy to share your images. And don’t forget: You’ll make Grandma really, really happy. Apparently 60 million people already use it, at our last count, which is no small amount, but still, what’s wrong with 60,000,001?

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