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You love your dog and cat, but you also need a reliable and comprehensive pet store for all of your furry friends. Petco is practically a warehouse supplier for all animal needs. Customers can shop for household pet items such as food, toys, and even medicine, clothing, and other accessories. By covering the broad spectrum of animal care, shoppers can buy products for house pets such as dogs, cats, birds, fish, and other small household animals. The store is also a strong resource for animal lovers and the pet community, with support for pet adoption, pet care, and other needs. With a strong help section and a useful breakdown of supplies and pet need categories, Petco is a worthwhile stop for advice about everything from bird cages to animal training. Case in point: The website provides “animal care sheets,” with topics like “Basic Canine Education,” “Setting up a Saltwater Aquarium,” and “Cat-Proofing Your Home.” You will even find details for caring for starfish, iguanas, and even lovebirds.

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