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Parents beware, is a child’s dream come true—all the more reason to prevent your kids from raiding the computer until they’re, oh, just about teenagers. That said, parents, relatives, and even friends will take an exciting and fun journey back to their childhood while navigating through eToys, what with its varied byways, sorted into categories like action figures, arts and crafts, games and puzzles, and videogames. This being the web, you can navigate eToys any number of ways, choosing, for instance, to see everything Barbie, or everything “Star Wars,” or everything Disney Princess. If you want a particular brand, you can zero in on Crayola, LeapFrog, Step 2 and more. Did we mention Disney? Yes, we did, and there’s plenty of it here, as you’d expect. Whether your kid’s out to be computer-savvy at age three, or simply wants to take a sled outside in the snow, anyone and everyone will have a blast perusing eToys.

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