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7 tools for becoming a superstar of online sharing

You can hardly read a webpage these days without stumbling on a reminder to “share” what you’re reading, followed by a bunch of funny-looking little icons. In that respect, is no different from the rest of the web. We want you to share what you’re reading, too—even what you’re reading right now (just look for the “share” button on this page).

To the uninitiated, those icons may be a bit mystifying. After all, they seem to morph and multiply. What do they signify, anyhow? In short, they’re a way to help bloggers and web publishers spread the word about their articles, videos and other content, as well as to encourage web users to share and learn from each other’s interests.

Websites differ in the ways they encourage the sharing of their content. Some simply use one word, typically “share” or “bookmark,” followed by links to the three or four most popular sharing services. At others, clicking on that “share” link pops up a box with scores of sites for sharing whatever you’re reading or viewing. Whether you’re a web publisher or just a reader, it’s time you learn to be savvy about sharing. Here’s a start.

  1. Digg
    Newshounds love digg. Once you’ve signed up, you can “digg” any article—the site’s argot for sharing—by clicking on a digg icon. You can also discuss the news at digg, vote for articles others have shared, and use digg to learn what’s popular among digg fans.
  2. Reddit
    Share at Reddit, and Reddit will start to recommend links filtered to your likes and dislikes.
  3. Facebook
    If you have a Facebook account, you can simply click on the tiny Facebook icon at a news article to share it with your Facebook friends.
  4. delicious
    With delicious, you can store and organize your own collection of bookmarks and online resources. The site’s tagging features make it easy to sort your collection, or even learn about new spots favored by other delicious users.
  5. StumbleUpon
    When you click on the StumbleUpon icon, you’ll be sharing the site or article, but you’ll also be seeking out recommendations from StumbleUpon’s millions of users.
  6. AddThis
    AddThis will help you place a sharing button on your pages for free.
  7. ShareThis
    A free tool for web publishers to encourage sharing, and to help web users keep track of what they’re sharing.


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