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They say that French women are more concerned with high-end skincare products than with typical lipstick and eyeliner. A pretty face is not just ruddy lips and sparkling eyes, but also clear skin. Bonjour, Skinstore, a retailer that carries anything and everything related to skincare. Creams? Check. Moisturizers, peels, and cleansers? Check, check, check. This online shop has it all, and then some, for anyone who cares about her (or his!) skin. Skinstore’s prime drive is anything epidermis-related; thus, cosmetics and hair care fall under this umbrella, too. This is a place to pick up beauty needs and perhaps a new perfume or lip gloss. Gentleman, do not be dismayed: Skinstore has a section just for you, too. Stumped on what to buy? Personalized, online help is available. Which you may need, given the variety and selection of skincare products.

Visit Skinstore.

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