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Remember the old days, when you had to sort through a newspaper’s classified ads to search for a job or a roommate? That was a long, long time ago. Now we’ve got craigslist. It’s where to find an apartment. Or a job. Or furniture. You can do all of that at craigslist, a bare-bones, hyper-functional spot for commerce and community. You lost something? Maybe you’ll find it here. You need a babysitter, or a sublet, or a parking space, or a girlfriend? They are waiting for you, right here. All you need to do is visit, and maybe post what you need, or respond to someone else’s post, and then everything will be solved and you can get on with your life—until, that is, you need something else. This is classified ads, but for the 21st century and beyond.

Visit craigslist.


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