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It’s Friday night. You’ve had a hard week at work, and all you want to do is have some good, clean fun. You heard commercials on the TV saying a much-anticipated movie is opening tonight. Boy, you’d really like to take that special someone to that, wouldn’t you? But there’s no way you’ll get a ticket. Well, buster, on Fandango, you can search your ZIP code or a movie title and find available show times and, if possible, online ticketing. All you’ve got to do is click a few buttons, type some info, and you’ve got a guaranteed seat: You pick up the tickets at the kiosk. Cool, right? And that’s not all, as Fandango makes it easy to learn about the latest films, the top-grossing films, and lots more. If a fandango wasn’t already in the dictionary as a flamenco dance, it would be the new name for movies.

Visit Fandango.

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