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So much news, so little time. Is it even possible to keep track of what’s of interest to you? Not really, but Reddit can help. After all, one of the best parts of the Internet is finding those quirky stories, outrageous photos, and funny videos that make us grin and laugh and shout out to our buddies. But one of the worst things about the Internet is the time it takes to search so many sites to find those stories, photos, and funny videos. Reddit gives you the best of the Internet and takes away the worst. Reddit compiles links to web content that’s “new and popular.” It also allows you to search by categories. So if you’re looking for just the links to politics you can skip the YouTube cat videos. Likewise, if you’re in the mood for laugh-out-loud videos, you can bypass the discussions about the latest free-speech debacle. And you can help Reddit churn out this crazy mix by submitting your own content suggestions and rating the content that’s already listed.

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