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Forget sending all your friends emails with photos attached. That’s the old-style way to share images. If you want to share your photos, you should be creating a slideshow—for sharing on your blog or maybe Facebook, MySpace, or elsewhere online. With Slide, you hardly have to think in order to produce a slideshow, but if you want to—think, that is (and tweak your show)—you can certainly do that, concocting a wonderful photographic and audio creation for your friends and family. No doubt about it: Slide offers an easy way to create slide shows of images with music (with tunes provided, courtesy of Slide). The ease of this site may be geared toward toward self-indulgence and nostalgia, but what isn’t, when it comes to photography? Yep, you can drop in images of you and your buddies going wild in your dorm room, then see the slideshow to a soundtrack of the Pussycat Dolls. But you can also put together a slideshow for your grandmother’s 80th birthday—that is, unless your mom or your grandpa already did that. Unfortunately for grandma, there’s no Sinatra on the list of musicians—she’ll have to settle for some Keith Urban or Panic! At the Disco.

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