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Ever needed a quick answer? Who was the gawky actor from that movie you saw a few weeks ago? Which is healthier, regular or double-stuffed Oreos? When was the Celtic invasion of Rome? Does this ever happen to you? You get a question that won’t get out of your head? Well, ChaCha is a web and texting service that gives answers to these sometimes puzzling questions, promptly and accurately. For example, your reviewer texted, “What is the best movie of all time?” to ChaCha, and got a quick answer: “Users on IMDB rank ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ #1, followed by ‘The Godfather.’ ” Just use your mobile phone’s texting service, and ChaCha becomes a godsend for those puzzling questions that stay in your brain. But, hey, just looking busy, looking like someone is texting you, and making you feel less lonely probably has its own benefits, right?

Visit ChaCha.

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