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Wine-Searcher is an extensive search engine for wines around the world, sure to make a connoisseur out of anyone.

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Eating in? Eating out? Search engine FoodieView sorts through hundreds of food-related websites, tosses out the bad apples, and serves us what we want.

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Twitter How-to: Use Twitter search

With Twitter’s endlessly useful built-in search function, look for tweets about your favorite people and topics, and find new people with similar interests.

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Need a brief answer to a pressing question? Ask ChaCha, which provides quick answers, via the web or mobile phone, for pretty much any question you’ve got.

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The world’s conversation is taking place in blogs about every topic imaginable, from programming to politics, and Technorati helps you track (and search) the blogosphere.

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Yahoo is a search engine, an information hub, and a source of news, entertainment, , answers, and lots more. A central clearinghouse for everything offered by the web.

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Google is everything. It’s search, of course, but it’s also a wow-inducing, ever-evolving storehouse for the world’s knowledge and information.

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The Microsoft website for pretty much anything, from news to videos to email to shopping.

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