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You don’t have to live in New York to sport the latest trends in chick chic, thanks to ShanaLogic. An online shopping site that features handmade jewelry, apparel and accessories by artists from around the world, ShanaLogic exclusively carries limited edition products that test the mind without breaking the budget. From cupcake and crossbones necklaces and flying raccoon hooded tops, to mini Geisha throw pillows and strawberry cream hairclips, ShanaLogic busts the thinly veiled corporate control of cool previously held by Urban Outfitters and the odious Hot Topic. Nothing on Shana’s digital racks bears a barcode or can be re-stocked. It’s all one-of-a-kind, and that kind is for you (or, more likely, your girlfriend, given the abundance of ironic cute, even though there is a section for guys, as well). Whatever your address, ShanaLogic can shorten your commute to the snarling pixie heart of hot-grrl cool — pink tips, tats and piercings sold separately.

Visit ShanaLogic.

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