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Pretty Much Amazing

Music blogs get a bad rap. With their blatant pirating of music through full album leaks and unauthorized downloads, they’ve been partially blamed for lagging record sales. But you can’t accuse Pretty Much Amazing (or PMA for short) for the downfall of the record industry. Unlike other music blogs, PMA doesn’t provide full albums for fans to steal. The blog posts full tracks from time to time, but major releases are only available to listen, and there are links to download songs. PMA focuses primarily on independent and alternative music, but when Kanye West and Britney Spears tracks started leaking in late 2008, PMA was there to cover it all for ardent music fans. When Kanye and Britney aren’t making headlines, indie/alt artists like Santigold and Vampire Weekend steal the spotlight, and the blog’s album reviews, contests and pmaCAST podcasts round out its robust music coverage.


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