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Remember The Milk

No one wants to look at the sticky notes covering your computer monitor or the notes written in Sharpie all over your hands. It’s time to manage your tasks the grown-up way — with Remember The Milk, a multi-platform tool that makes sure you’ll never forget anything ever again. Create tasks, organize them into lists and set reminders all within the same program. But what makes Remember The Milk truly useful is the way it brings “multi-platform” to a whole new level. Your tasks and lists can be managed, synched or imported to Gmail, iGoogle Google Calendar, iCal, Twitter, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, iPhone/iPod Touch, Yahoo!, your OSX dashboard, your RSS feeds — the list goes on. And Remember The Milk can send you reminders through just as many platforms, including IM. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you have access to Remember The Milk — and it has access to you.

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